Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis (6)

Here’s a game that you can easily adapt for just about any age, from toddlers to big kids!

To make simple tennis paddles, trace around the top of a craft stick on the back of a paper plate. Make two slits, one spaced near the top of your tracing mark and one near the bottom.

Balloon Tennis (1)

This way, you can thread the craft stick through for a sturdier handle. Add masking tape for extra insurance!

Balloon Tennis (2)

Now blow up a few balloons and it’s time to play.

Balloon Tennis (4)

For toddler Veronika, the joy was simply in tossing balloons her way and seeing if she could bop them back with the paddle. “Whap!” she said, every time she chased after a balloon.

Balloon Tennis (5)

Older toddlers might enjoy the challenge of trying to bounce the balloon up and down on their paddle without letting it hit the ground, but this skill was beyond Veronika.

Balloon Tennis (8)

Still, she loved the game since we added music in the background to add to the enjoyment!

For even older kids, turn it into a tennis rally!

Balloon Tennis (13)

Travis and I hoped to get to ten, but I think the most we ever managed was 5!

Balloon Tennis (14)

Inevitably that balloon bopped away, but we had a fun time in our attempts.

Balloon Tennis (15)

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