Beanbag Races

Beanbag Races (2)

The kids got silly with our beanbags today! In general, beanbags are a fantastic item to keep handy in the toy bin. They apply themselves to so many games, whether learning, developing gross motor skills, or honing concepts of object permanence. But sometimes you just need to get silly and race!

On your mark, get set, go!

Beanbag Races (3)

I had the kids get down into crawl position, each with a bean bag on their back. The idea was to race across the living room carpet, but truth be told, no one ever made it that far.

Beanbag Races (1)

The kids thought this felt so funny and got fits of the giggles. So inevitability the beanbag fell off after a few seconds.

Beanbag Races (4)

Your family might be more skilled and want to turn it into a true race. You could race two kids against each other, or have one child race against a timer.

Veronika loved the way the bean bag felt so much that she then wanted to test it out against other body parts.

Beanbag Races (6)

Soon she was touching it to her toes, her knee, and her tummy.

Beanbag Races (5)

Plus her favorite: her head!

Beanbag Races (7)

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