Sponge Play

Sponge Play (7)

We’re taking advantage of the last few warm mornings for patio play. This game is similar to one we played earlier in the summer, transferring water using only pom poms. Now, Veronika was just enough older to have more success with this version!

I set out two clear bowls, one filled with water and the other empty, along with 3 cheap sponges from the dollar store.

Sponge Play (1)

I asked Veronika what color she wanted for the water, giving her the choice of red, green, or blue. She chose blue!

Sponge Play (10)

I showed her how to dip the sponge in the water, then squeeze it out over the empty bowl to watch the water come out.

Sponge Play (4)

She got the hang of it quite quickly!

Sponge Play (5)

That said, we never transferred all the water because inevitably she wanted to pour it back from the small bowl to the big bowl.

Sponge Play (3)

After she tired of squeezing the sponges, she dumped all the water…

Sponge Play (8)

And loved stomping in it!

Sponge Play (9)

Does your toddler manage to transfer all the water from one bowl to the other? Please share in the comments!

Sponge Play (6)

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