Tubes and Balls

Tubes and Balls (2)

I had a few mailing tubes from the post office that I ended up not needing, which prompted this fun morning of play!

To start, I angled the smaller mailing tube into a basket and also added a shorter paper towel tube for variety in height. Veronika immediately loved dropping in ping pong balls, which were the perfect size to roll through the tubes.

Tubes and Balls (1)

She loved that she could hear the balls rolling down the mailing tube! She also loved parroting me, saying, “Where did it go?”. Then she would answer her own question by lifting the tube to find the balls in the bottom of the basket.

Tubes and Balls (5)

Being a toddler, she didn’t always stick to the “rules” of course and lifted the tubes out of the basket. She loved just dropping the balls into the tubes right in mid-air!

Tubes and Balls (3)

I also had a larger mailing tube but we needed to set this one up differently since she couldn’t reach the top of it standing. I angled it off the couch into the basket, and this time we rolled larger tennis balls through it.

Tubes and Balls (6)

It was like a new discovery for her each time she popped a tennis ball in at the top and watched it appear at the bottom.

Tubes and Balls (7)

Want to take your tube-rolling fun to a higher level? Try this game off the stairs instead!

Tubes and Balls (4)

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