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Book Box (2)

Although I’m not on the hook to home school this fall (phew!), I do have to somehow occupy a toddler for 2 hours of remote Zoom learning each afternoon. To help out any parents in the same boat, I’ll be posting a few ideas each week that keep Veronika busy while big brother does his school work!

First up was today’s Book Box.

Book Box (1)

I filled a small basket with titles that are interactive, meaning that Veronika can easily go through them by herself. Although your exact titles might be different than the ones I used, here are some categories to think of.

Book Box (3)

Lift-the-flap books: We have some that are short and simple (Where is Baby’s Belly Button) and some that encompass whole towns. To wit, Playtown is great because we’ve read it together enough that she knows what to expect behind each flap, and can now go through the book solo.

Book Box (11)

Sound books. Books that make noises are always fun. Look for ones that are easy for kids to manipulate on their own.

Book Box (4)

I like the buttons on Usborne’s Poppy and Sam’s Animal Sounds, as well as Eric Carle’s The Very Quiet Cricket; the latter features a chirp as soon as she arrives at the last page, a delight each time!

Book Box (7)

Texture books. Toddlers are a bit advanced for baby favorites like Pat the Bunny. Look instead for books with cut-outs or layers. We love The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt, which has layers of cut-outs and colors for little fingers to dig down into.

Book Box (8)

Books with props: First up in her bin was All Better, which has band-aids that your toddler can affix to owie’s on adorably illustrated animals. Trust me, this one never gets old.

Book Box (9)

For something decidedly yuckier but that will make kids giggle, try Fingers for Lunch, with holes to wiggle your fingers through before a monster chomps them off.

Book Box (6)

Finally, consider books that use flashlights, like any in Usborne’s Shine-a-Light series. When Veronika spotted the flashlight in her bin, she used it on all the books, not just the Shine-a-Light!

Book Box (13)

If that’s not enough to keep your toddler happy, plop him or her right in a box to read instead!

What would you put in your toddler’s Book Box? Please share in the comments!

Book Box (14)

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