Activity Tubs

Activity Bin Doll (2)

Here’s a final post in a series of ways to keep your toddler entertained should you find yourself dealing with older kids and remote schooling this fall.

I used an old storage bin and turned it on its side to create a series of themed bins. Each of these was an open invitation to Veronika to play with familiar items, with the hope that seeing them set up deliberately would encourage her to play in new ways. Over one week of big brother’s school, here were 6 ways to set up the bin.

Bin 1: Tools and Trucks

For the first variation, I set up the bin with Veronika’s plastic toolbox, her set of take-apart trucks, and a few other items that could be conceived of as tools, like a wide bristle paintbrush.

Activity Bin Tool (8)

She approached it with excitement; this girl loves trucks, and she was very busy driving them around. The toolbox inspired her not just to drive, but also to take her trucks to the “mechanic shop”.

Activity Bin Tool (6)

She used her saw to “cut” and her wrench to fix them up. The paintbrush was used to “sweep” the trucks clean.

Activity Bin Tool (4)

The actual mechanics of the battery-powered drill are beyond her skills right now, but she loves helping out by adding the wheels before I drill in the plastic screws.

Activity Bin Tool (2)

In sum, we’ll dinfinitely revisit this set-up.

Activity Bin Tool (10)

Bin 2: Dolls and Dresses

Veronika loves her dolls, but they’ve been neglected lately. To make what’s old seem new again, I once more tipped the bin on its side and carefully arranged the dolls on their mattress with clothes to one side and food to the other. I also added in a few other types of “doll”, including Duplo figures and dress-up magnet dolls.

Activity Bin Doll (5)

The set-up definitely intrigued her. For the first time in a while, she spent time feeding her “little babies”.

Activity Bin Doll (1)

She also enjoyed dressing them or just parading them around. This was a good example of “what’s old is new again”.

Activity Bin Doll (4)

Bin 3: Cars and Chutes

This was the most extended version of the bin, taping the lid off the back end so it was angled like a ramp, and then leaving a smaller basket at the bottom to be the “garage”.

Activity Bin Cars (3)

Add toy cars and let the fun begin! I also included a cut-up gift wrap tube so the pieces of it could be tunnels for smaller cars to drive through.

Activity Bin Cars (5)

Veronika wasted no time zooming cars up and down the ramp, which was definitely the biggest draw here. She was less interested in the tube tunnels.

Activity Bin Cars (2)

Bin 4: Stuffed with Stuffies

We have a game we sometimes play when I need the kids safely contained called “All the Stuffies in the Crib”, which is exactly what it sounds like: We toss every stuffed animal into the crib and the kids sit and play in the huge pile.

This bin was a more curated version of that. I added a toy tree house and  woodland creatures that fit the theme to go through its doors and windows. Her dog and cat went in, along with a few vet tools. Teddy bear sat next to the tea pot in case anyone wanted a teddy bear tea party. And a couple of dinosaurs stood guard over plastic eggs.

Activity Bin Stuffies (5)

She was most interested, though, in an old snake toy I draped over the top that makes a crinkly sound. She loved slithering it along the top of the bin and turning to me to say, “hiss!”.

Activity Bin Stuffies (6)

The other big draw was giving dog and cat some vet care.

Activity Bin Stuffies (8)

Overall, this one was a big winner.

Activity Bin Stuffies (7)

Bin 5: Awesome Art

For this one, aim for arts and crafts items that your toddler can safely use solo without making a mess. In other words, leave the paints and watercolors for another day!

Activity Bin Art (1)

I included a Daniel Tiger coloring book and jumbo crayons, which are just right for little hands.

Then I added extra paper for her to scribble on (or crumple, or rip up), as well as safety scissors for practice and pieces of tape.

Activity Bin Art (5)

She loved when I stuck several lengths of the tape to the top of the bin so she could grab them down and use them like stickers on her artwork – or herself!

Bin 6: Gadgets Galore

Let’s call this final bin the miscellaneous leftovers. Think anything with buttons your little one can push (old remotes, old cellphones, old cameras) as well as anything that spurs the imagination.

Activity Bin Gadgets (1)

Okay, Veronika is too young to really play detective, but armed with a magnifying glass, flashlight, and balance scale, perhaps she could start to dig up clues.

Activity Bin Gadgets (2)

Certainly she caught on to my excitement when I pretended this was the game!

Activity Bin Gadgets (5)

Simply having all these old gadgets out is sure to fascinate your toddler. And yes, this is when parents realize that the items from our childhood are now antiques.

Activity Bin Gadgets (3)

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