Nesting Cans

Nesting Cans (2)

Although Veronika has a set of stacking cups, she always seems to prefer using what I’m using, rather than her toys! I made this quick set of nesting cans from real kitchen supplies instead.

You’ll need at least three sizes of cans to make this activity, but certainly feel free to use more! I had a 28 ounce, 14 ounce, and 6 ounce can. Once the cans are cleaned, rinsed, and dried off, tape around the tops with duct tape to cover any sharp edges.

Nesting Cans (1)

They’re ready to nest!

Nesting Cans (4)

Veronika adored stacking them (one, two three!) and then taking them apart to do it again.

Nesting Cans (5)

Turn them upside down and they can be used for towers instead!

The cups were excellent for keeping her occupied while I cleaned up breakfast. Because the “toy” stows easily, I can trot it out as needed any time she needs a quick distraction.

Nesting Cans (6)

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