Can You Find Your Knee?

Can You Find Knee (12)

Veronika can readily touch the obvious features on her face (eyes, and ears, and mouth and nose!) but it can be helpful to talk about less common body parts with toddlers, too. To make the game extra fun, just add bubbles!

We headed out to the patio in gorgeous sunshine and I asked her, “Where do you want your bubbles?” At first, she requested them on her hair!

Can You Find Knee (6)

Then I started naming other parts of her body, and gently blowing the bubbles in that direction. In this way, the bubbles tickled at her ankles and knees…

Can You Find Knee (2)


Can You Find Knee (7)

…and neck!

Can You Find Knee (5)

Take the time to point out other new vocab too. Setting the bubbles aside for a moment we found our fingernails and our nostrils.

Can You Find Knee (8)

And eyelashes! Just don’t blow bubbles at those.

Can You Find Knee (9)

Then, we turned back to more familiar body parts (like hands and feet), but got thinking about how to use them in new ways. I encouraged her to clap in order to pop a bubble, instead of simply poking it.

Can You Find Knee (13)

Or she could stomp them with her feet.

Can You Find Knee (1)

Maybe your toddler can pop them with a nose or a chin!

Can You Find Knee (4)

Note: This is also a fun game to take to the bath, especially because bubbles behave differently if you try to clap them while they’re wet.

Bathtime Bubbles (1)

Plus in the bath all those body parts are easily visible! Have fun with it and see what new words your toddler picks up.

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