Sibling Picture Book

Sibling Picture Book (5)

Here’s an adorable activity that can make older siblings feel important and special, as they craft a book just for a little brother or sister.

Travis and I sat down to look through magazines and I encouraged him to find pictures that would appeal to little sister Veronika. He was most interested in a Halloween magazine, so picked out lots of frightfully spooky images, like carved pumpkins, silly witches, and snacks in the shape of ghosts and goblins.

Sibling Picture Book (1)

Veronika wanted to help go through the magazines too!

Sibling Picture Book (2)

Travis cut out the images, and we used a glue stick to attach one picture per piece of construction paper. I cut the construction paper in half so the book would easily fit into little hands. Staple your pages together, and then it’s story time!

Sibling Picture Book (3)

I absolutely loved watching Travis “read” this to Veronika. Older kids might want to craft a careful narrative, or write words below the images. Travis just loved flipping through the pages for her and making up a silly story based on what he saw, sillier each time the kids looked at it.

Sibling Picture Book (6)

Veronika clearly adored being the center of his attention.

Sibling Picture Book (4)

This was a beautiful bonding activity, and one we can repeat the next time we have a batch of magazines on hand.

Sibling Picture Book (7)

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