Color Hunt

Color Hunt (4)

Today Veronika and I went on a safari. Not for animals, but for colors!

I started off the game with a big smile and told her we needed our hunting hats. She immediately picked up on the excitement, and we raided the dress-up box for a few styles.

Color Hunt (1)

She needed her safari gloves, too!

Color Hunt (3)

I gave her a little bag to fill, and told her we were hunting for colors. Since she’s not yet 2 years old, I made the game very easy for Veronika with a pile of colorful toys (balls, bean bags, blocks). First we hunted for red!

Color Hunt (5)

We dumped out all the red items at the end, and started again.

Color Hunt (6)

Could we hunt for blue?

Color Hunt (7)

Older toddlers can wander all over the house with this hunt, filling their treasure bag as they go. Other items Veronika could easily spot were colorful magnets on our fridge, or foods from the toy bin.

Happy hunting!

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