Mirror Play

Mirror Play (3)

Like most toddlers, Veronika is fascinated with body parts and walks around hiking up her sleeves and pant legs asking, “Mom, can I see my arm? Can I see my leg?”.

Well, yes of course! To double her fun today, I stood her up in front of the mirror. We found her arms and legs, of course, and so much more.

Mirror Play (2)

Including honking our noses.

Mirror Play (1)

While in front of the mirror, encourage your little one to dance! Veronika loved watching her reflection wave hands and tap toes and copy every move she made.

Mirror Play (7)

“Reach up high!” she said, and mirror Veronika did, too.

Mirror Play (6)

She even went in for a silly kiss.

Mirror Play (5)

Mirror play is great at this age because Veronika is old enough to recognize that she’s seeing herself in the mirror. And since two-year-olds are fascinated with themselves, there’s probably no one else she’d rather see!

Mirror Play (4)

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