Playdough Numbers

Playdough Numbers (3)

Veronika can count up to 10 by rote, which is not uncommon for toddlers; it basically means she’s memorized the order of words, but not the meaning behind them. Today I thought it would be fun to draw her attention to the symbol of each number!

I drew numerals 1 through 8 in thick black marker on sturdy white paper. If you’ll want to reuse the set, particularly with preschool kids, laminate them or cover with contact paper.

Playdough Numbers (1)

Then show your little one how to roll long snakes of playdough and arrange them over the marker to form each numeral.

Playdough Numbers (2)

As I worked on each one, I told Veronika the name of the number repeatedly. Of course the playdough lasted about one second before she picked it up and mushed it! But I steadily worked from 1 through 8 in this way.

Playdough Numbers (4)

I didn’t expect Veronika to make the one-to-one connection between word and symbol yet, or to be able to shape the playdough herself.

Playdough Numbers (5)

Rather this activity was more about introducing the concept that numbers have both a word and a symbol that go with them. And she certainly loved the chance to play with playdough!

Playdough Numbers (6)

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