Rock Painting

Rock Painting (8)

Veronika has enjoyed painting methods in the past that involve closing a box lid, rattling something around, and seeing the messy artwork that results (think a toddler Jackson Pollock).

She also loves rocks, so this craft combined the two perfectly! She loves to collect pebbles, and considers the most mundane little ones her “treasure.” Today I asked if she wanted to paint with one of her rocks.

I cut a square of watercolor paper to fit inside a small shoebox, then set out a few colors of paint on paper plates. I next showed her how to dip a rock in the paint. “Can you dip yours?” Yes!

Rock Painting (1)

“Should we put it in the box?” Yes!

Rock Painting (5)

Close the lid and help your toddler shake the box around.

Rock Painting (2)

When you open it up, the rock will have splattered paint in neat designs. We quickly repeated with a second color.

Rock Painting (4)

I loved watching Veronika put her own spin on the project, too. After a few rounds of shaking the box, she actually preferred to dip the rock in one of the paint colors and then dot it onto the paper. A rock paintbrush!

Rock Painting (6)

After that she discovered that she could be her own canvas. So this project turned into not just rock painting, but Veronika painting. Bath time!

Rock Painting (9)

Either way, the resulting craft makes such pretty little postcard-sized works of art that perhaps we’ll use them for thank you notes!

Rock Painting (10)


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