Egg Sort

Egg Sort (4)

If you’re wondering what to do with all those plastic Easter eggs off-season, then consider all the ways they can be turned into a learning tool!

For a simple sorting game today, I hot-glued a few of last year’s eggs together, using 3 each of 3 different colors. Then I set them all down on the ground in front of Veronika.

Egg Sort (1)

At first she simply gathered them all into a pile, clearly excited. “A blue one, a green one, a pink one,” she said as she lifted each egg.

Egg Sort (2)

I then laid out pages of construction paper in corresponding colors. She quickly began piling the blue eggs on the blue, etc., but then grew a little confused since I had red paper to go with the pink eggs, not pink paper!

Egg Sort (3)

Instead, she soon was more interested in transferring the eggs in and out of a little bucket.

Egg Sort (5)

This set off a lot of busy play toting the bucket around or rolling the eggs across the floor. So we had a little learning, plus a lot of fun too!

Egg Sort (7)


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