Straw Windpipe Craft

Straw Flute (9)

This classic DIY instrument is a perfect one for toddlers, requiring no complicated steps or materials.

Simply line up brightly colored plastic or paper straws. I made some flutes that were 8 “pipes” long and a few smaller ones only 6 straws long, which were easier for Veronika to hold in her hands.

Straw Flute (2)

Secure with tape near the top and bottom third, then use scissors to snip in a diagonal so your pipes run from longest to shortest.

Straw Flute (4)

Toot toot toot! These were perfect to play during her at-home Zoom music class, adding to the hands-on fun!

Straw Flute (10)

It turned out that big brother Travis loved the windpipe, too, quickly incorporating it into his play.

Straw Flute (7)

The perfect instrument for a homemade marching band, in sum.

Straw Flute (8)


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