Feather Printing

Feather Printing (9)

Not to be confused with feather painting, the idea with this craft wasn’t to paint with a feather but to make images of feathers on paper. The resulting craft makes a great piece of Thanksgiving artwork!

I cut small sponges into shapes roughly resembling feathers (although I confess some looked more like leaves). Our sponges had handles, which makes it easy for Veronika to grasp them, but regular kitchen sponges would work, too.

Feather Printing (1)

Next I set out plates of paint in harvest colors, and showed Veronika how to dip in the paint and then press onto paper.

Feather Printing (3)

She loved the little images that appeared. She was so proud when she could make the sponge as flat as possible for a clear print.

Feather Printing (4)

As a variation, we then painted directly on a few craft feathers.

Feather Printing (6)

These made fun prints when pressed down onto the paper, too!

Feather Printing (5)

“Look what I made!” she proudly said when we were done, and narrated back all the paint colors.

Feather Printing (7)

I love seeing her take pride in her artwork.

Feather Printing (8)


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