Rainbow Turkey

Rainbow Turkey (5)

I love capturing handprints at holidays, and I was so thrilled that Veronika held perfectly still for this one! It’s yet another cute craft to celebrate turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday.

To make a turkey with a multi-colored feathers, paint your child’s thumb and palm with brown washable paint. I then painted two fingers yellow, one red, and one green.

Rainbow Turkey (1)

Press firmly onto construction paper, as flat as possible, and you’ll have a little turkey! You’ll need to work quickly for this step (hence no pictures) and I recommend having wipes ready to clean off your toddler’s hand right away.

Rainbow Turkey (3)

Once the paint dried, it was simply a matter of adding a beak, eye, legs, and wattle from marker. Don’t forget to add the date on the back of this one; it’s a keeper!

Rainbow Turkey (4)


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