Thanksgiving Place Mat

Thanksgiving Place Mat (6)

It’s never too soon to teach even the youngest kids about thanks and gratitude. Although these concepts are a stretch for a two-year-old to comprehend, certainly Veronika knows what she likes! And that’s the foundation for giving thanks down the line.

We flipped through a magazine together, and whenever we came to an image of something she loves, we cut it out.

Thanksgiving Place Mat (2)

Don’t limit yourself! Even something as simple as bicycles thrill my little toddler these days, so those were clipped out and added to our pile.

Thanksgiving Place Mat (3)

Likewise for images of dogs and beaches and pizza.

Thanksgiving Place Mat (4)

Soon we had a neat little assortment, and she used a glue stick to help me attach the pictures to a background of brown construction paper.

Thanksgiving Place Mat (5)

Cover with clear contact paper to protect against spills and you’ll have the perfect toddler place mat for Thanksgiving day!


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