Snack in a Fox

Snack in a Fox (5)

You’ve heard of a Jack in the box – today we’re switching the rhyme around to a snack in a fox! I adapted this idea from our September issue of High Five, where it was intended as a lunch bag for bigger kids headed back to school. I have snack-size brown bags at home, which made our “fox” perfect to take along to the summer toddler workshop Travis and I have been attending.

The craft itself was mostly an adult project. Snip the corners from the top of the bag, and set aside (these will be the fox’s ears). Fold the top down, and tape place a cone-shaped coffee filter under the “nose.”

Snack in a Fox (1)

Tape the corner scraps to the back of the bag to make the ears, then decorate the fox’s face with markers.

Snack in a Fox (3)

I gave Travis a second set of all the materials – bag, coffee filter, markers – to play with while I made the real thing, and he loved helping out with the tape.

Snack in a Fox (4)

Then it was time to fill our fox with pretzels, resulting in one happy boy!

Snack in a Fox (6)

He also loved taking his snack to “work” at his new play desk.

Snack in a Fox (7)

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