Homemade Tambourine

Homemade Tambourine (4)

It’s easy to create your own musical collection at home without purchasing toy instruments. To wit, a paper plate and jingle bells from a craft store can turn into a tambourine in mere minutes!

To start, have your child decorate the backs of two paper plates with markers or crayons. After a little marker mishap, we switched to crayons for the other side! Good thing markers are washable.

Homemade Tambourine (1)

Once the decoration is complete, place the jingle bells on one plate, and cover with the other. You can use any number of bells, depending how jingly you want it, but I recommend at least 3.

Homemade Tambourine (2)

Seal the plates together with a stapler (or tape) and let your budding musician make some noise.

Homemade Tambourine (3)


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