Ice Towers


It’s an arctic 20 degrees outside, so – acting on a suggestion from Kiwi Crate’s app – we made ice towers!

I thought Travis would have the most fun if the towers were different colors, so we filled various Tupperware and plastic cups with water, and then swirled in watercolor paint with a brush. Now it was time to set them on the balcony to freeze!


As luck would have it, it snowed overnight, so when we brought in our ice the next morning, we also shoveled a bucket of fresh snow.


Now it was time to play with it all. I put out 2 disposable foil pans to catch the mess. The ice “towers” unfortunately hadn’t frozen all the way through, so we had very short little ice circles, but lots of cold colored water. When we shoveled in our fresh snow, it immediately took on beautiful hues wherever the colored water ran into it.


We added Duplo animals to play in our wintry landscape.


Because the paints ran together and soon turned a muddy brown, I took the watercolors back out so Travis could paint on the ice more vividly again.


Next time I would let our Tupperware containers freeze longer so we had taller ice towers and mountains, but Travis didn’t seem to mind! As someone who used to dislike winter, it’s projects like these that remind me to find joy on even the coldest days.


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