Sticky Winter Wall


We loved this idea so much from our blogging friend at D.I.Y. Unlimited Fun that I had to put the game together right away for Travis! Luckily, I keep contact paper on hand for precisely these situations.

I attached a large rectangle of contact paper to a low wall, sticky side out, and provided Travis with various “wintry” items – cotton balls, cotton pads, and white q-tips.


He barely needed me to demonstrate before avidly diving in to create a winter scene.

When we made a snowman, he came up with the cotton pad hat and q-tip arms all by himself.


I also showed him how to make snowflakes with q-tips in a pretty pattern.



His favorite discovery was that the cotton balls left behind a bit of fluff if you pulled them up off of the contact paper. He loved dabbing one onto the paper several times, leaving a “snowy” scene behind.


Thanks for the fantastic idea!

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