Cornmeal Play


Making finger sketches for F week inspired me to pull out the cornmeal later in the week for good old messy fun.

My original idea was to set up a dinosaur stomping ground, adding a layer of cornmeal and Travis’s collection of small plastic dinosaurs to a baking tray. I thought he’d enjoy making dinosaur footprints, and the fact that the cornmeal looked like Jurassic desert sand. Surprisingly, he was uninterested… until I added a small cone of paper to be a volcano.


This piqued his interest, but he soon discovered that it was much more fun to sprinkle the cornmeal outside the baking tray than to stomp the dinosaurs inside it – a reminder that toddlers will make of games whatever they choose! He loved “sweeping” the cornmeal, and was happy doing so for quite some time.


Finally the dinosaurs entered back into the game, with Travis burying them in a separate container under a layer of cornmeal.


He started using the “volcano” as a funnel/scoop to bury them, which I thought was quite inventive on his part!


The game turned out to be such a hit, even if not in the way I intended, that he asked to play again later in the afternoon.



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