Garden Rock

Garden Rock (8)

A beach near us has great big rocks scattered all over the sand – not just your typical beach pebble finds, but large heavy ones to collect and take home. We decided they would make the perfect final addition to our little patio garden as decorative labels.

Note: If you can’t collect large rocks near you, check your local gardening store.

Travis was thrilled with the size of our rock canvas. I painted one rock with a garden scene (sun and flowers, although the colors later bled together; I also attempted to paint on the word Garden.

Garden Rock (6)

Meanwhile, he had fun swirling colors all over another.

Garden Rock (2)

I loved watching his concentration as he worked!

Garden Rock (3)

So much fun that he needed to paint a second rock.

Garden Rock (4)

We left them to dry overnight, then settled them among our pots on the patio the next morning, taking care to find each rock the perfect spot.

Garden Rock (7)


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