Bird’s-Eye View

Bird's Eye (2)

I’ve tried out various ways of carrying Veronika around the house, both for her own sense of discovery (the “leopard” is great for little tours around the house!) and to keep things novel for myself as a parent.

Today was all about propping her up over the shoulder, which gives your little one a “bird’s eye” view of things. Not only will a home look different for an infant who normally lies down, but this position also has the benefit of helping with babies who spit up frequently.

Bird's Eye (4)

I’ve read recommendations to keep a baby upright for 20 minutes after each nursing session, but honestly who has the time? If I carry Veronika on my shoulder for a bit, she gets upright time and I still get things done!

So today’s activity is simply to give the bird’s eye view a try. You can (as with leopard pose) do a little tour around the house, or just narrate your chores as you move about one room.

Bird's Eye (1)

Or take your baby to look at something beautiful, as we did with a local Christmas tree festival – the bird’s eye view was perfect!

trees (4).JPG


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