Craft Stick Puzzles

Craft Stick Puzzle (5).JPG

This is a fast, easy way to make a puzzle at home, much more reliable than the cereal box version Travis and I tried earlier in the week!

Craft Stick Puzzle (1)

Cut a pretty greeting card into strips the width of a jumbo craft stick. I drew guiding lines for Travis, who so proudly cut straight along the lines. “This is fun!” he said, before we even got to the puzzling.

Craft Stick Puzzle (2)

Apply a layer of mod podge to each craft stick and glue on a piece of your puzzle. Let dry completely, then apply a second layer of mod podge over the strips.

Craft Stick Puzzle (3)

Once dry, I numbered the craft sticks 1 through 7.

Craft Stick Puzzle (4)

This numbering allowed him to puzzle in two ways; the harder way was simply to put it together relying on the picture. For a little assistance, Travis only had to refer to the numbers at the bottom!

Craft Stick Puzzle (6)

Happy puzzling!

Craft Stick Puzzle (7)

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