Decorating Pancakes

Decorating Pancakes (11)

Anyone who follows this blog knows I love to cook with my kids, and I firmly believe in getting kids into the kitchen from the earliest age. It’s truly never too early; today Veronika helped me decorate pancakes, and she’s not quite 13 months old!

Okay, technically this was more of a sensory play activity than a real recipe, but we sure had fun. First, I whipped up a batch of pancakes. You can make some from scratch with your favorite recipe, but I took a shortcake with Cherrybrook Kitchen’s vegan and gluten-free mix. Veronika loved playing with extra measuring cups while I mixed the batter.

Decorating Pancakes (1)

For extra learning, I cooked the pancakes in heart- and star-shaped molds so I could talk about shapes with Veronika. Regular circles are just fine too, though!

Decorating Pancakes (2)

I set the pancakes down on the floor on paper plates along with a few pouches of baby food. Look for bright colors like pinks and reds for this activity.

Decorating Pancakes (4)

Veronika only needed me to demonstrate once before she was eagerly “decorating” her pancakes. She proudly pressed the spout of the pouch down on the pancakes, and I think even tried to say “squeeeeze” back to me.

Decorating Pancakes (6)

Of course there was the necessary tasting, too. Veronika: meet pancake.

Decorating Pancakes (5)

And the pouch itself got a sip or two.

Decorating Pancakes (10)

I had fun decorating right alongside her, creating a make-believe bakery game.

Decorating Pancakes (7)

When you’re done, you have breakfast or snack built right in to your day. Or if the pancakes get very mushy from all that baby food on top, just consider this a sensory play activity and it’s still a win-win.

Decorating Pancakes (8)

Even the wax paper we had on the floor for easy clean-up was fun!

Decorating Pancakes (12)

You’ll notice that I had Veronika do the activity without a shirt, which seemed the safest way to avoid stains. Plus, I love that little buddha belly these days!

Decorating Pancakes (9)

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