Finger Puppet Play

Finger Puppet Play (1)

There’s an easy way to play this game and a hard way, and I definitely went with the easier for the obvious reason that I’m not a seamstress. Using an old pair of children’s gloves, I simply attached a smiley face sticker to each fingertip and these became friendly little puppets to interact with Veronika!

FInger Puppet Play (5)

She grinned as soon as she saw the smiling stickers and loved hearing them say hello to her, give kisses to cheeks, and sing songs (like “If You’re Happy and You Know It”).

Finger Puppet Play (2)

Then they played peekaboo from behind her teddy bear!

Finger Puppet Play (3)

Of course she also loved the fact that the faces were stickers, which she soon impishly pulled off.

For a version that will last much longer, cut the fingers from an old glove instead and then sew on felt pieces to be ears, noses, whiskers, and more. Then slide these onto each finger as individual puppets.

(Note: A middle-of-the-road option might be just to draw the details on with a fabric pen instead of sewing on all that felt).

And if you don’t want to get crafty at all, just play with store-bought finger puppets! We have an assortment that includes cows, cats, Halloween ghosts, and more.

Finger Puppet Play (4)

Today I trotted them all out and they sang to Veronika, chatted with her, wiggled around, and made silly noises. These little toys are perfect for car rides, so I stash a few in my purse.

Does your child have a favorite finger puppet? Please share in the comments!

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