Hanging Instruments to Crash, Rattle, and Bang!

Hanging Instruments (5)

Old toys that don’t get much attention can seem novel if presented to your kids in a different way. To wit, Veronika hasn’t been very into her musical instruments lately… until I strung up a few on a cord and introduced this novel way to have musical play!

We played this game indoors against a dresser, but if it’s a beautiful sunny day and a warm time of year, it works equally well against a fence!

Using colored twine, I threaded instruments that could slot easily along the line, namely tambourines, bells, and a triangle. Get creative with your definition of “instrument” here, too; a colander from the kitchen added some percussion!

Hanging Instruments (1)

Once I had everything threaded up, I presented Veronika with wooden spoons and rhythm sticks, and it was time to make music!

She loved using the wooden spoon in particular and soon there was bashing…

Hanging Instruments (2)


Hanging Instruments (3)

…tapping, and jingling. She also loved reaching out with a hand to shake the bells on the cord.

Hanging Instruments (4)

This game will no doubt entice older siblings over to play, too! A great way to revive a bag of old instruments.

Hanging Instruments (6)

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