Where Is Your Nose?

Where is Nose (4)

When Veronika was still a baby, I introduced body parts through fun games, sometimes focusing on one body part for a whole day, but not expecting her yet to know what was what!

Here’s an update on that game now that she’s a toddler; today we made it more of a ‘Simon Says’. For each body part, I would first point to the one on my body. “Here are my fingers,” I said, wiggling them. Then I posed the question: “Where are your fingers?”

Where is Nose (1)

Over the course of the game, she proudly wiggled her fingers, pointed out her own toes and knees, touched her shoulders, and tapped her head, following my lead each time.

Where is Nose (2)

Her favorite body part is her belly. “Where is your belly? I asked. She loves to share it, and then she needed to see mine!

Where is Nose (6)

You can reinforce the game with any book that focuses on body parts.

Where is Nose (4)

Although she’s young for it, we read through Head to Toe by Eric Carle, with an action to accompany each body part. She loved seeing Baby act it out!

Where is Nose (9)

It was a delight to see how many of these words she now knows, recognizes, and says.

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