Drum Time

Drum Time (7)

We had a rainy day today, which made it the perfect moment for an impromptu drum session with Veronika!

I had three different sized oatmeal containers in the recycle bin, including a full-sized oatmeal canister and two smaller servings of instant oatmeal. So first I made her a set of bongo drums! If you don’t have different sized oatmeal containers, use three that are all the same but cut them to different heights. Use masking tape to secure them together, and voila!

Drum Time (1)

A wooden spoon and a few rhythm sticks were all we needed to start drumming. I also showed her the different ways we could drum with just our hands. We explored with our fingertips, our palms, our knuckles, and more.

Drum Time (2)

This was great for letting her explore all the different ways we can use our hands and fingers.

Drum Time (5)

But she liked the sticks best, and soon was giving lots of proud taps.

Drum Time (3)

We added a soundtrack of favorite songs (heavy on drum beats of course), and started up a jam session.

Drum Time (4)

Later in the day, I set up her up with a “drum circle” of bowl and pot drums. On a soft blanket, I arranged a sauce pot, a few loaf pans, a plastic bowl, and another empty oatmeal container. I sat her in the center with her mallets and put the music back on.

Drum Time (6)

Let the drumming begin!

Drum Time (8)

Don’t worry if your toddler drums in unconventional ways. Veronika enjoyed turning the vessels right side up so she could swirl the rhythm sticks around the inside, which made a fun clanging sound.

Drum Time (7)

She also loved piling the “drums” one inside the other, turning it into a stacking game and drum session all in one.

Drum Time (9)

When she discovered that the loaf pan made a spectacularly loud clang on the wooden floor, this had to be repeated several times.

Drum Time (10)

I didn’t reprimand her, since it’s not drum play until it gets a little loud! In sum, this was a fun way to explore volume, dynamics, rhythm, and so much more.

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