Soap Crayons and Bath Paint

Soap Crayons Bath Paint (4)

Some baths are for getting clean, but sometimes a bath is meant for playing! To wit, this afternoon I treated Veronika to an extra long bath just so she could enjoy some arts and crafts in the tub.

The bath is a perfect place for your toddler to experiment with art. What’s easier than a mess that can literally be washed down the drain?

We started out with soap crayons. You can make your own, but I skipped the labor of love and instead purchased a set from Sud Smart Bath Toys.

Soap Crayons Bath Paint (2)

Unfortunately they snapped into small pieces easily, but that didn’t deter Veronika from having a blast.

Soap Crayons Bath Paint (3)

Imagine her delight that she could scribble everywhere without being reprimanded!

Soap Crayons Bath Paint (5)

I made lots of squiggles and swirls for her, too, since you have to press hard with these crayons and her efforts didn’t always produce much color. Since we’re working on her budding vocabulary and object recognition, I drew simple shapes that she knows the word for, like the sun and birds.

Next up, we swapped out the crayons for paint! For an easy bath paint, look no further than the medicine cabinet: foamy shaving cream.

I squirted a generous amount of shaving cream into each of three cups and added a few drops of natural food coloring to each, resulting in pretty pastel colors. Insert a paintbrush into each color.

Shaving Cream Paint (1)

As with a recent edible paint, Veronika first just loved plunging the paintbrush up and down in the mixture.

Shaving Cream Paint (2)

Once I showed her how to smear it on the tub walls, she was game!

Shaving Cream Paint (6)

I also lathered some on one wall in a thick canvas, hoping she would run the paintbrush through.

Shaving Cream Paint (5)

She was more into the fact that she could paint it on her hands, though. Look mommy!

Shaving Cream Paint (4)

Throw in a little education if you want, writing letters (your child’s initials are always fun) or shapes. And when it’s done, just rinse it down the drain.

Shaving Cream Paint (3)

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