Valentine’s Day Popcorn Gift

Popcorn Valentine (9)Here’s a novel way for kids to pop in and say they love someone this Valentine’s Day! This rather lengthy project wouldn’t be great for class Valentine’s since it’s big and involved, so save it for someone special like a parent or grandparent.

Popcorn Valentine (1)

To start, Travis helped cut red and white pinstripe craft paper to fit an empty tissue box. Cut the top off the box and use a glue stick to attach the paper around the sides.

Popcorn Valentine (2)

Travis needed grown-up assistance for a few of the decorations. Cut a circle and rectangle from colored cardstock (we chose yellow an dorange), and arrange on the front of the box. We wrote in the message, “Just popping in to say… Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Popcorn Valentine (3)

Next we hot-glued pom poms and cardstock hearts to the tips of sparkly gold pipe cleaners. Stuff a little yellow or orange tissue paper into the box.

Popcorn Valentine (4)

Add a package of microwave popcorn – yum! An I.O.U. for a movie night would be a fun addition!

Popcorn Valentine (5)

Travis helped bend the pipe cleaner decorations and slip them in among the tissue paper.

Popcorn Valentine (6)

Add a few yellow pom poms to the outside of the box as “kernels”, for the finishing touch.

Popcorn Valentine (7)

He was so proud of this and made sure we hid it from daddy’s eyes until Valentine’s Day!

Popcorn Valentine (8)

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