Sticky String

Sticky String (4)

Here’s a simple ice project, but one that has a bit of  a “wow” factor to it!

For set up, fill a bowl with water and add ice cubes on top.

Place a piece of yarn over the ice, making sure it is fully saturated. Travis pretended this was spider silk, and we were testing how strong it was. What an imagination!

Sticky String (1)

Sprinkle the yarn generously with salt. How much do you need to use? Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact answer, as Travis just dumped in a lot of the container, but I would imagine a tablespoon or two is plenty.

Sticky String (2)

Now wait for 1 minute. He proudly helped count to 60 seconds!

Sticky String (3)

Lift gently on the yarn and watch as the ice cubes rise. I thought the yarn might be strong enough to pick up one cube, but it could even pick up a whole clump. So even mom said “wow!”.

Sticky String (5)


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