Sandpaper Line Designs

Sandpaper Lines (3)

This classic toddler activity can be a lifesaver whether you need to keep little hands busy at home or if you’re on the go. To make it portable, simply cut the sandpaper square smaller and tuck the strands of yarn into a zip-top bag.

For an at-home version, I just sat Veronika down in front of a few squares of rough sandpaper and added strands of yarn in various colors and lengths.

Sandpaper Lines (1)

I showed her how to make a few depictions of real things, like a little “fish” swimming in water. Older toddlers can have lots of fun trying to fashion real pictures!

Sandpaper Lines (5)

But the enjoyment here for a young toddler like Veronika was the way the yarn sticks to the sandpaper. I demonstrated by holding it up for her so she could marvel at how the yarn seems to “stick”.

Sandpaper Lines (2)

She also loved scratching her fingers against the rough surface.

Sandpaper Lines (4)

Or just picking up handfuls of yarn and dropping them down again.

Sandpaper Lines (6)

Truth be told, her favorite version seemed to be draping strands of yarn around herself like a scarf!

Sandpaper Lines (7)

One way or another, this is a great activity when you need to entertain your toddler in a pinch.


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