Getting Dressed

Getting Dressed (5)

This cute activity is a hands-on way to build your toddler’s clothing vocabulary. Veronika’s earliest words were clothing items (“socks!”), and whenever we come in from outside, she runs through the litany of things to remove: “Coat, hat, mittens…” So I knew she would love this interactive version of getting dressed.

First, I laid her down on a big sheet of craft paper and traced her outline (which turned out a bit wiggly; she’s a toddler after all!).

Getting Dressed (1)

Then I filled in the basic outline of a person.

Getting Dressed (2)

I had brought down several articles of her clothing and took turns lying these near the person we’d drawn. “What are these called?” I asked. “Pants!” she responded. Then I positioned the item where they should go on the body.

Getting Dressed (3)

Shirt, hat, socks, and mittens soon followed.

Getting Dressed (4)

Of course your toddler won’t always leave things in the “right” place, but Veronika sure loved playing with all the clothing.

Getting Dressed (6)

A great way to keep a little sibling busy!

Getting Dressed (7)

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