Tea for Two

Tea for Two (1)

Toddlers love learning to pour and there’s no better place for it than in the bathtub. That way, you literally have no spills to clean up!

I decided to make it extra fun for Veronika by turning a pouring lesson into a tea party game. A low stool made a perfect table, and I filled the tub with a little warm water and got her in her bathing suit.

Set the table with a tea set of course! We added a pot, plates, and two cups, along with a few toy “cookies”.

Tea for Two (2)

She was so happy to be a guest! First I filled our cups with the “tea” and pretended to take a sip, which just made her grin.

Tea for Two (5)

Then it was her turn! She loved being in charge of the tea pot…

Tea for Two (3)

…and also loved using one of the cups to scoop up hot water and fill the other cup.

Tea for Two (7)

We got silly and filled the “cookies” with water two, and experimented with taking the lid on and off the pot.

Tea for Two (6)

She probably could have stayed in here playing this game for hours, but the water got cold!

Tea for Two (4)

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