Birdseed Indoor Sandbox

Birdseed Sandbox ($)

I was looking for a good material for an indoor sandbox this morning, and remembered we had a bulk bag of birdseed. What perfect timing for the first day of spring! For a touch of spring whimsy, I added little speckled Easter eggs, a wind-up bird toy, child-sized gardening tools, and a “flower pot”.

Birdseed Sandbox (1)

Of course Veronika might not have picked up on these details, but she sure loved coming over to explore!

Birdseed Sandbox (2)

First she tested out the birdseed with a lot of scooping and pouring, enjoying both the spade and the cup.

Birdseed Sandbox (3)

The little bird had her momentarily intrigued.

Birdseed Sandbox (5)

Then while big brother was doing his home school lessons nearby, this happened:

Birdseed Sandbox (6)

But that’s okay! The birdseed sweeps up like a dream, and she was so delighted at her own antics.

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