Doll Bed

Doll Bed (7)

Veronika adores her two soft dolls (both named “Baby”), and I find myself marveling at the way she mothers them. She loves to give them hugs, pretend to feed them, arrange them in her car seat, and more. So today I made a little bed for her to tuck them in! Doll furniture can be expensive, but all you need for a doll-sized bed is an old box, whether a shoe box or something sturdier (I used a wooden one).

We added a pillow and Veronika’s very own baby blanket from the hospital!

Doll Bed (1)

I showed her how to tuck Baby in for the night, and she loved it. She proudly said “sleep sack” as she layered the blanket on top.

Doll Bed (3)

Of course baby needed a sip of milk before bed.

Doll Bed (5)

She spent quite a while taking both dolls in and out of the bed, rearranging them just so, and clearly taking a lot of pride in her caregiver role.

Doll Bed (4)

This was such a sweet game to start her day.

Doll Bed (6)

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