Sticky Feet

Sticky Feet (6)

This is really an update on a game we played back in January, when Veronika was almost walking but not quite. I taped a piece of contact paper to the ground in hopes of strengthening her leg muscles and held her hand as she strained to lift her feet from the sticky surface.

Now, there is no doubt about it: she’s a walker! The purpose was more to explore all the ways she could move across the sticky surface. Once again, I taped down contact paper (make sure you give your child at least 2 feet in length to explore). When she first stepped onto it, she immediately went into a crouch so her hands could feel the sticky surprise, too.

Sticky Feet (1)

We discovered that lifting up our fingers and toes made a fantastic sound!

Sticky Feet (3)

She liked to step off of it and then back on again, as if testing the difference between the sticky and non-sticky surface each time.

Sticky Feet (8)

She also was determined to walk solo across it, although needed a hand a few times to pry her feet loose.

Sticky Feet (5)

You’ll notice it intrigued big brother, too!

Sticky Feet (4)

This game truly never gets old. The older your toddler grows, the more you can encourage him or her to dance on contact paper, run on it, or jump on it. It’s a challenge that never grows stale.


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