Yarn Snowballs

Yarn Snowballs (5)

These fun indoor “snowballs” are a larger version of homemade pompoms Travis and I recently made for finger puppets. We found this larger version to be much easier than the little fork version!

Cut a U-shape from cardboard (ideally a stiff box cardboard, but even a manila folder worked in a pinch).

Yarn Snowballs (1)

Begin winding white yarn around the U until you have a nice fluffy pile. Wrap a piece of yarn around the center, going through the notch of the U, and double-knot securely. Slide off of the U, then snip all the loops and fluff out.

Yarn Snowballs (2)

Once we had 6 “snowballs”, it was time for a battle.

Yarn Snowballs (3)

For extra amusement, we even set up pillow forts and then had at each other.

Yarn Snowballs (4)

Then Travis wanted to have batting practice against the snowballs, saying this was his defense against my attacks.

Yarn Snowballs (9)

We laughed and dodged and pelted each other for ages with this game! (Thank goodness there wasn’t the icy sting of real snowballs, as we would have been covered in snow).

Yarn Snowballs (8)

Action shot!

Yarn Snowballs (7)

This was one of the best mother-son activities we’ve done to date, and that’s saying a lot.

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