Sticky Figures

Sticky Figures (6)

Here’s a great way to keep little toddler hands busy… and build muscle strength!

I set up this game the night before for Veronika, using hot glue to attach the scratchy side of Velcro strips onto a piece of flat wood (about 5×7 inches). The Velcro strips were already sticky on one side, but the hot glue was extra insurance that they would stay put.

Sticky Figures (1)

I then glued the opposite side of the Velcro (the fuzzy side) to the bottom of little animal toys and figures.

Sticky Figures (2)

This game will work best with toys that have a nice flat bottom, although I did try little dinosaur figures, too.

Sticky Figures (5)

Now it was simply a matter of presenting the game to Veronika! She loved the way the animals became stuck once attached.

Sticky Figures (3)

I had worried that she would be frustrated at the challenge of pulling them off, but instead she seemed intrigued. She soon learned to pull down on the wood and up on the figure at the same time to help the two Velcro halves apart.

Sticky Figures (4)

In sum, this is a nice game for keeping little hands busy, although I can’t say it occupied her for as long as other recent projects.

Sticky Figures (7)

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