Fun with Kleenex

Kleenex Box (4)

Going stir crazy and need to occupy a toddler? Look no further than a box of tissues. Seriously, that’s it. This is what I call a “sacrificial tissue box” and sometimes it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Kleenex Box (1)

Put the box on the ground with the first tissue sticking out, and your toddler will immediately think they’ve gone to heaven. Veronika pulled out only a couple at first, and tried to clean the floor.

Kleenex Box (2)

Then she discovered the great joy of pulling out one after another, making a big pile.

Kleenex Box (6)

Then we got silly. I put some on my head and pretended to sneeze them off, which she quickly imitated.

Kleenex Box (8)

You can also pick up big handfuls and have them drift down like “snow”.

Kleenex Box (5)

She also lifted a tissue to her face and pretended to blow her nose just like mommy. “Mommy nose!” she said.

Kleenex Box (7)

Aside from those interactive moments together, the real beauty of the tissue box is that it can occupy a toddler solo for quite some time.

Kleenex Box (3)

The game needn’t end just because the tissues are gone. Re-purpose the box by stuffing in tissue paper. For this version, I started out with the tissue paper wadded up.

Kleenex Box (9)

These were hard for her to pull out though, so we ripped each portion into smaller pieces, which she could stuff in and pull out again.

Kleenex Box (10)

Scarves would work, too!

Kleenex Box (11)


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