Chair Maze

Chair Maze (7)

This game is perfect when you want your toddler to fit in some gross motor play, but can’t get to the playground. I simply set up chairs all around her playroom, and encouraged Veronika to come on over.

Chair Maze (1)

You can see her glee!

Chair Maze (2)

I thought she might need to be enticed with a “hunt” for rings from a stacking toy, but she needed no encouragement. Instead, she just scrambled on up.

Chair Maze (3)

Once on top of the chairs, she proudly swung her legs. She knew this was big brother’s chair!

Chair Maze (5)

She still needs help with climbing down safely, so this was great practice.

Chair Maze (4)

The highchair was perfect for crawling under, of course.

Chair Maze (6)

She spent a little while scrambling up and down and all around, but then I needed to give her a way to play that required less supervision. This time, we lined the chairs up in a train with stuffed animal passengers.

Chair Maze (8)

She loved making sure everyone was in their proper seat.

Chair Maze (9)

This kept her so busy that I didn’t worry about her climbing into a chair and falling off while my back was turned. A low, soft orange chair was the perfect place to cuddle up with her train companions.

Chair Maze (10)

“Hello!” she said to the big white dog in the next seat.

Chair Maze (11)

How does your toddler get exercise indoors? Please share in the comments!

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