Never-Ending Scarves

Scarf Magic (5)

When she was younger, Veronika loved when I would dangle scarves over her. Now that’s she’s bigger, there’s still more fun to be had with scarves, especially when they become almost… magical!

There are two ways to play this game and she loved them both. For the first, tie a few lightweight scarves together and stuff them into an empty tissue box.

Scarf Magic (1)

Show your baby the tantalizing end, and encourage him or her to pull.

Scarf Magic (3)

Veronika didn’t hesitate one bit. She looked amazed as more and more fabric came from the box.

Scarf Magic (4)

There was the delight of watching it “magically” change color…

Scarf Magic (6)

…and of ending up in a pile of fabric!

Scarf Magic (7)

For the second version of the game, I stuffed those same scarves into an empty paper towel tube. I showed her just the end and she pulled.

Scarf Magic (10)

And pulled…

Scarf Magic (11)

And pulled…

Scarf Magic (12)

and loved it when she had a huge pile in her lap at the end. This will be a magical moment for babies and grown-ups, in sum!

Scarf Magic (13)

When you’re done with all that pulling, just wiggle the scarves around on the floor like a snake.

Scarf Magic (8)

Or let your baby have the empty tissue container. Babies always seem to like the boxes best of all.

Scarf Magic (2)

One way or another, this game is sure to fill a morning of play.

Scarf Magic (15)

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