Peanut Butter Sculptures

Peanut Butter Sculpture (4)

This fantastic sensory activity is perfect for entertaining a toddler… and it takes care of snack time, too!

I simply spooned a large glob of peanut butter onto a shallow tray, and set out a few craft sticks (or use plastic take-out knives) and circle crackers.

Peanut Butter Sculpture (1)

Your child can use the craft sticks to make lines and movement through the peanut butter, or to build their budding knife skills by spreading it on the crackers. Once the crackers are sticky with peanut butter, you can stack them into towers and make “art”.

Peanut Butter Sculpture (3)

Veronika loved experimenting with the peanut butter, as well as nibbling the crackers and licking peanut butter right off the craft sticks.

Peanut Butter Sculpture (2)

She also was intrigued by the peanut butter jar, occasionally dipping in a craft stick.

Peanut Butter Sculpture (5)

I wouldn’t recommend this activity for a toddler solo, since it’s bound to get a little messy and you’ll want to supervise.

Peanut Butter Sculpture (6)

But a great way to keep little ones busy! Note: Use another nut butter if your child has peanut allergies, or even jam for all nut allergies!

Peanut Butter Sculpture (7)

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