Kindergarten Home School Day 7

Home School 7 b

Travis and I only had a half day of home school today, in keeping with our town’s early release Tuesdays. It made it much easier on him, I think – and on me, too!

7-9: Breakfast, get dressed, free play.

9: ELA. Travis came over after our quick check-in for “writer’s workshop”. The assignment was to write a story with the structure of: first, next, and last. I loved watching him write about yesterday’s snowball fight. We also did one letter in his workbook (C).

Home School 7 a

9-9.30: Math: He played three different games on his class computer program involving counting the pips on dice and cards. (Baby sister was busy with tape).

9.30-10.30: Snack/recess. The kids were hungry early, so we hopped right to snack time and then headed out into the spring snow. Travis had so much fun that I let him get out his energy an extra long time. I wish I’d taken pictures!

10.30-11: We discovered the website Fluency and Fitness, a great site to get kids learning and moving. After solving a few problems on the topic of your choice (math, reading etc.), kids do a move like lunges or push-ups. He was a little antsy though…

11-11.30: …so we went off-book and finished the day with a recipe, still one of my favorite ways to spend time together. Check out our whole unit on Japan here!

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