Let’s Build a Flashlight

Build a Flashlight (4)

Kids will feel like real electricians with this easy project! All you need is a cheap flashlight, the kind you’ve probably picked up at a drugstore or dollar store check-out in the past and have lying around.

I disassembled the flashlight into all of its components and arranged them on a tray so it felt very official, then called Travis over.

Build a Flashlight (1)

He was so excited when I challenged him to put it together again! At first he was twisting together just the body and the screw cap, without a thought for coils or batteries or other pieces that might need to go inside.

Build a Flashlight (2)

Hmm… it wouldn’t turn on. What was missing? Now he worked hard to figure out where the coils should go.

Build a Flashlight (3)

Being allowed to handle the batteries all by himself was super thrilling!

Build a Flashlight (5)

It took a few tries before he had everything arranged in the right direction.

Build a Flashlight (6)

He was so proud once a push of the button turned it on!

Build a Flashlight (8)

This is a great introduction to battery power that even young children can grasp.

Build a Flashlight (7)

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