Puffy Paint Clouds

Puffy Paint Clouds (8)

With so much attention going to big brother Travis during the school week, it was nice just to pause with Veronika for some messy art today! Shaving cream paint has so many uses, and today we focused on clouds. Veronika has been using lots of weather words like “rain” and “cloud” lately, and I figured I would seize the moment.

To make the paint, mix up about 3/4 cup foamy shaving cream and 1/4 cup white glue. I was entirely inexact about this, just eyeballing it, but you really can’t get it wrong.

Puffy Paint Clouds (1)

We used blue construction paper as the background for a pretty azure sky. Ideally we would have been dipped cotton balls in our “paint”, but I was all out! In a pinch, we wadded up tissue paper to make the clouds “fluffy”.

Puffy Paint Clouds (3)

If your child likes things neat, you can “paint” the shaving cream mixture onto the paper with a paintbrush and then add crumpled tissues on top. If your child likes to be messy, roll the tissue wads right in the gluey mixture, and then press onto the paper.

Puffy Paint Clouds (4)

We sort of did this both ways!

Puffy Paint Clouds (6)

Veronika was fascinated by the glue mixture, dipping her fingers into it often.

Puffy Paint Clouds (2)

I also sang about clouds as we played to make it a little weather lesson. So the project ends up being equal parts art, sensory play, and science for toddlers.

Puffy Paint Clouds (7)

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