Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window (8)

Any project that involves kid + sunlight + reflective colors somehow makes me so happy. Hence why I returned to the idea of toddler “stained glass” today, even though I’ve done similar projects in the past.

For this particular version, I cut strips of thin cardboard from an old cereal bo and taped them into a square on the patio door as a “window” frame. I then cut squares of cellophane in various colors and simply showed Veronika how we could tape them one at a time into the frame.

Stained Glass Window (2)

The idea was to let her dictate where each piece should go, although I then had to be the one to tape it.

Stained Glass Window (9)

After starting in this way, I decided to just cover the space inside our frame with tape pieces so she could start to stick the cellophane on herself.

Stained Glass Window (7)

(Note: For this reason, I think it’s better to use contact paper as the background, instead of tape).

Stained Glass Window (10)

Of course, being a toddler, Veronika was also interested in the materials themselves.

Stained Glass Window (5)

She loved crumpling up the cellophane and handing it to me (“Trash!” she said), as well as the way it stuck to her feet.

Stained Glass Window (3)

Once the sun hit our “window” at just the right angle, we had beautiful colors projected onto our floor.

Stained Glass Window (11)

Like I said, I’m a sucker for any combination of beautiful reflected colors and an adorable toddler face.

Stained Glass Window (4)

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